Image trailing update

I spent a while working on changing the order of exposures in the controlserver yesterday. As a result of this we are now imaging in the order suggested in the previous Image trailing post. The number of jobs completed last night was reasonably low due to cloud cover, but the initial results look promising.

The changes to the controlserver code still need a little tidying and I am considering a few extra changes to the way the new code works.

I have yet to find out if there is a minimum exposure time for which the fix works... it is quite possible that with a short enough exposure time, the dark exposure may not take long enough for the mount to settle and start tracking properly. The first solution for this will be working out what this minimum exposure time is; for jobs below this value start we could start the dark exposure after the slew completes instead of before. It might even be necessary to add an extra pause in jobs with very short exposures.

There is probably more to come from this topic..

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