BRT Observatory Network Down

The network link to the BRT Observatory is currently down.
We do not know the reason behind this network failure, but there is a possibility that it is connected to the excavations outside our building earlier on today. If the link remains down until tomorrow morning we will be reporting the failure to the observatory maintenance team.
BRT Network Status Map showing the Tenerife Observatory network down
Whilst the link is down the majority of the web cams will be off line. The network failure will also stop the Real Time Data system. No newly completed jobs will be returned to the UK until the link is restored, and no newly created job requests will be sent to the site.

The good news is that the network failure will not stop the telescope operating. The telescope will continue to complete jobs from the queue, these jobs will be returned to the UK when the network link is restored.
The BRT observatory cooling and preparing for operation

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  1. Thanks for information. Hope this will be fixed soon. Thanks for your good job.