BRT Observatory Link Down.. Update

This morning we were greeted with further network failures affecting the IAC weather station and their on site web cameras, however as the day have progressed we have seen a number of systems coming back on-line.
It would appear that the network connection and power have been restored to the Cielo Nocturno building, bringing our night sky camera back on-line and giving us our first glimpse of the observatory since the bad weather struck.
BRT Observatory in the snow
With the return of the webcam image we can see that we have had the first snow of this winter season at the observatory; this weather has also lead to the closure of all of the roads allowing access to the observatory site.

At the current time we have not progressed significantly in our work to bring the system back on-line; however I hope that tonight we will be able to use the night sky camera to observe the indicator light on the secondary rain sensor... this will hopefully give us some indication of the power state in our building.


  1. I received a very nice moon photo Dec. 20, Friday night (Pacific Time) so maybe the telescope is coming back online? Thanks.

  2. We got the system back online last night, so the service should be getting back to normal. I plan to write a new blog post in the next day or two explaining more about what happened and how we got back online.