Maintenance Trip Feb 2014 Part 2: More snow.. and a drive around the Observatory

This blog post is going to be a bit of a cheat as I haven't had time to prepare something more substantial. This week I've got some videos for you. On the last trip we filmed the whole of our commute up the mountain in the snowy conditions. I have made a couple of short clips which I hope you all enjoy.
The first clip is of one of the snowier areas of our drive up to the observatory. We got the footage on our third successful trip up to the observatory, and the amounts of snow had reduced noticeably from the first trip. This clip does not have sound.

The image below is from the first of our journeys up the mountain, showing a still shot of the same piece of road.
On the last day on the mountain we found the same vehicle parked outside the residencia at the observatory.. it really is a very large vehicle.

Over the years we have found that a great number of people are not really aware of the size of the Observatorio del Teide facility. We've heard everything from people assuming that we are the only telescope on the site, through to the (stubborn) belief that the observatory is primarily there to look at the volcano (it isn't.. it really isn't). The video below is a drive from the front gate of the observatory around the site to our building; it gives a good idea of the scale of the site. This clip does not have sound.


  1. In my experience, its a long and trick drive up the mountain at the best of times so that must have been pretty scary. Great images though.

  2. we were there during summer when tenerife observatory was opened to public. it was amazing trip and amazing time with teide panorama and ocean down below. even with hardly breathing and very strong sunshine it was lovely time there. enjoy yout stays there!