First Post!

Welcome to my blog..

I am Dan Hedges, and I work for the Bradford Robotic Telescope. It is my job to develop and maintain our observatory in the Canary Islands. If it is on site and related to our project, it is my job to keep it working. Sometimes this means I will be modifying Linux kernel drivers, other times I'll be painting pieces metal on the roof of the building... just occasionally I will be found taking a Dremel to a random object in the name of science.

A few years ago I started using twitter to keep the rest of the team up to date with my progress whilst I'm onsite in Tenerife working on the telescope. It has worked quite well, I'm not great at finding the time to write a large amount about what I do, and the short nature of the messages has worked well for me. Lately I've been thinking it would be nice to be able to write a little more about the work I do and some of the problems that we face operating the system.. this blog is hopefully my solution.

My aim is to post on here when I think there is anything worth writing more about than I can fit in the 140 characters on twitter. I expect the posts to be fairly sporadic and very much clustered around our maintenance visits to Tenerife.. hopefully I won't get too bored and give up on the whole thing.

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