An eerie silence...

You may have noticed that recently I've been bad at keeping to my plan of publishing at least one blog post a week. To be honest, I've been working though my pile of ready written filler blog posts.
So what is going on..?
On the trailing front, the experimental code is in the controlserver. At the moment I am letting it run for a month untouched to collect data for a full lunar cycle. The analysis of this data will be used to tune the parameters for trailing detection and improve decision making functions.

and what else..?
Currently I am working on a stand alone project that is outside of my normal work with the telescope... It is something that you guys will actually get to see and play with directly. The rest of the team have been working on some big updates for the main telescope website which were released last weekend. I wanted to release my project hot on the heels of their release... but the testing pre-launch has been slower than I had hoped. I am still hoping to launch very shortly, but for now it's all a bit hush hush.

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