Cloud detection

The current problems with the web cam systems are affecting the operation of the cloud detection used by the weather station.

The weather station cloud detection system works by counting the number of stars detected in an image from the pole star camera. With the pole star camera currently off line and returning a black image, the detection routines cannot find any stars in the image and report this as evidence of cloud.

The cloud detection system is not a part of the safety rules of the system, thus the observatory is still safe to operate. I have disabled checking of the cloud rule by the safe to observe rule, this is allowing us to continue operating whilst we resolve the problem with the web cam system. As a result of this change there is now a possibility that the telescope will attempt to operate when there is high cloud that cannot be detected by other weather station sensors.

We hope to resolve the fault in the web cam system shortly, and will return the system to normal operation as soon as it is possible to do so.

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