Observatorio del Teide open doors day 2013

The dates for the 2013 Observatorio del Teide open doors days are the 21st and 22nd of June.

Each year the Observatorio del Teide opens its doors for two days over the weekend of the summer solstice for members of the public to have guided tours of the facility, take part in workshops, and listen to talks about astronomy.
Information about the open doors day last year can be found here in Spanish.

Members of the BRT team will be on site for the open days, talking about the operation of the system and about our educational outreach work.

The open days will also form the centre point of our summer maintenance trip.

If anyone is considering visiting the observatory for the open doors day, please be aware that the speakers and guides will all be speaking in Spanish. Some guides might be able to translate to English, but this isn't guaranteed. The stop at the BRT observatory is also quite short, and only one of many installations that you will visit.

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