Summer Maintenance Trip 2013

As I write this post we are flying parallel to the coast of Africa, heading to Tenerife for the summer maintenance visit.

Image by Chris Tallon
On this trip we have a large number of jobs to do, ranging from upgrades to improve the system stability, through to repairing and re-greasing the mount. To help lighten the work load we have Ed Hand joining the regular team of Chris Tallon and me. The work on this trip will involve some system down time, but we will be working hard to keep this to a minimum.

Also on this trip we have the 2013 Observatorio del Teide open doors days where members of the public can explore the observatory and the work of the projects on site. As usual we'll be there talking about the Bradford Robotic Telescope system.

Whilst we are on site we hope to find time to post about various aspects of the work we do on site and about the Observatorio del Teide open doors day.. So watch this space.

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